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Welcome everyone, I have been enjoying talking to a few more listeners lately, always enjoy it – one cool chat I had was with Claire Chen over in London! She’s been working with East Meets West club and bridging Chinese and British business people, some similar things Global From Asia is doing so we had a great connection there.

And I’m working closely with the team on on big Cross Border Summit event, already in the works for mid-April 2017 – so if you’re coming for the Spring trade show season to south China, would love to see you there – it’s

If you happen to be on this side of the world in a couple weeks – we still have a few spots for our HK ecommerce trip on Friday Nov 18 – check it out at

So now for this week’s show – today is USA election day, and there has been talk of friends saying how will America change after this one. It’s always awkward being in the midst of political debate for me, especially when living in China.

Therefore, I thought it would be a time to bring up a show I’ve been meaning to have on for quite some time – renouncing your US citizenship. Olivier Wagner comes on to discuss it, and during the interview I get a little emotional…. I’ll explain after the interview – also this is episode 148, so you can get the show notes at

Read the full article here.

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