Leveraging Remote Staff To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business with Trushar Bhalsod – GFA161

Welcome to episode 161 of Global From Asia. I am back from Digital Detox, Chinese New Year is mostly over – still some people getting back slowly. I want to introduce you to Claire Chen – she just joined the team here, and will be helping on Asia Podcast Network, as well as Cross Border summit and many other fun projects here. She’s been listening to this show now 9 months – we’ve been talking a few and she will be working closely with me now life is amazing right!

Now for this week’s show for Amazon FBA sellers, as well as anyone serious about growing their online business- you need VAs (virtual assistants) and we have an expert on today – Trushar, to give you the goods, let’s tune in – and as always the show notes are on globalfromasia.com/episode161

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    Global From Asia (GFA) is about the current shift in the world as Asia as the center for doing international business. Businesses are online, mobile, and not in 1 country anymore. Hong Kong is extremely cosmopolitan and takes foreign investment with open arms. As a “foreigner” (non-local Hong Kong-ese) you can still fully 100% own and control your company from Hong Kong SAR (special administrative region), with easy access in China and Southeast Asia.


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