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Michael Michelini

Launch, Grow & Scale Your International Business

Businesses of all sizes are now going global from day one. The internet and globalization have given us an amazing opportunity to step up to the plate and open ourselves up to customers (and competitors) from all corners of the globe. Sitting back in your home country and hoping everything will work out may work at the beginning, but you need to have a global plan.

Enter Hong Kong, the gateway to Mainland China and a key financial center in Asia. Hong Kong makes it as painless as possible to open a corporation and tap into the Asian as well as global market. Multi-currency bank accounts, Chinese yuan options, and a network of other business people make having a presence in Hong Kong a no-brainer.

Global From Asia has you covered

Global From Asia (GFA) walks with you all the way from idea to business and beyond. They offer an abundance of free guides and podcasts (no signup required), and support you no matter you are doing a business setup by yourself or are looking for their team to do the services with you.

Help Me Do It!
I’m looking for the team at GFA to do the services for me. I’m busy and I just want to pay the experts to take care of things for me.
I Want To Learn
Want to do it yourself? We offer a range of training videos, books, and private consulting calls to make sure you’re on the right track.

Top free guides

  • How To Open a HK Company
    Looking to start your business, and want to see the process of opening and operating a Hong Kong company? Check out this guide.
  • First Time Visit To Hong Kong
    Company setup, coming in for the bank account application and client meetings. Get the HK low down quick.
  • Bank Account Application
    A hot topic, getting a bank account in Hong Kong. Once the company is set up, check into the bank account application process.

  • Upkeep for a HK Limited
    You have a Hong Kong company registered, what’s next? We discuss the ongoing fees and filing. Upkeeping a HK company.
  • Merchant Accounts
    Running your business online, at all? Then you’ll need a merchant account, check out HK’s options.
  • Hong Kong / China Border Crossing
    Many people leverage the power of Hong Kong for its access to China. Here we dig into every border crossing possible.

And many more!

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